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Company profile

ARTE IMMOBILIEN stands for expertise of property management across Germany and specializes in sales, renting and management. Our services include the following areas:


We manage your property in the manner of efficiency and competence. Our reliability can be your profit.

Purchase and sale

  • from investments in rented condominiums to real rented houses and funded houses
  • from portfolio properties for users of condominiums, building sites, terraced, semi and single-family houses
  • from real estate for institutional investors such as banks, insurance companies, pension funds
  • from commercial real estate such as catering, office or factory buildings etc.

Rental Service

Our professional rental management creates optimal conditions for tenants and landlords according to their own visions.


The Team

Herr Thorsten Schache
Branch manager
Phone: 030 - 88 92 14 40
Frau Melanie Steffin
Phone: 030-88 92 14 40
Herr André Tautrims
Property management
Phone: 030 - 88 92 14 40
Frau Mia Weinand
Phone: 030 - 88 92 14 40
Frau Anja Glaeske
Property management
Phone: 030 - 88 92 14 40
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